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    4 big benefits of hiring a concierge service for your company


    Concierge services have been around for decades and in a growing workplace trend, more and more corporate companies are offering concierge services to help employees balance their work and personal lives. So what is a concierge service? They are basically your jack of all trades. They are trained to handle everything from your dry cleaning to booking venues for business events or meetings. The concierge service is there to fix any and all issues you or your employees or even guests have.


    Concierge services have really made an impact in the corporate world. They have grown to become a whole industry in itself and are no longer just a general support for every day routine work but are also a part of employee benefits and incentives. Now companies, no matter small or large, realise the benefits of having a concierge service and how it has served to ultimately help them grow and take their business to the next level. Are you wondering what hiring a concierge can do to help boost productivity and business of your company? Here are 4 big benefits of hiring a concierge service.


    Save time


    In today’s fast paced world, the daily grind of work can take a toll on both employees and executives leading to longer hours at work, increased stress levels and a loss of balance between work and personal life. The juggling between work and personal tasks would result in a drop in quality produced in either one or even worse… a total neglect of duties! With a broad range of services a concierge would provide, your employees, executives, and company at large will save so much time. Typical concierge services include handling your dry cleaning, child care arrangements, travel planning, booking restaurants, and other personal tasks that employees do not have time to handle.


    Aside from personal errands, a concierge service would also benefit your company by offering workplace management services. When business is booming and everyone in the office is busy, it can be hard for employees to keep up with corporate meetings, planning events and booking travel arrangements for company retreats. Here is where your concierge service comes in! A corporate concierge can help with these time-sensitive tasks such as planning a meeting, a retreat or even a company event. This frees up time for your employees to focus on other work tasks and leave all this nitty gritty to the concierge.


    In short, a concierge service can help assist your employees in their professional and personal life enabling them to free up precious time to focus on more important matters. A concierge service basically offers the world’s most priceless commodity - time.


    Save money


    When you hire a concierge, you gain access to all their contacts and relationships built with other companies. A good concierge service will build strong relationships with vendors in the community, obtaining discounts and the best prices. A concierge will also strive to negotiate for special deals and privileges at venues, events, hotels, clubs, and other lifestyle services the company may require. With their expertise knowledge of the industries and of what is good, of what is affordable and worth its price, a concierge service is indeed a very valuable addition to your company. It will save you so much money by making use of their connections. It will also save you time on researching, for example, for the most price-worthy and suitable venue for your event. After all, time is money.


    Happy and productive employees


    As a concierge service helps employees save time and money, it allows them to focus more on the tasks that require more productivity and attention. This leaves the routine, mundane, time-consuming everyday tasks to the concierge. Imagine your employees with a long to-do list of personal errands alongside a busy, pressuring project at work that needs to be completed with the utmost efficiency and quality. A concierge service can help alleviate some of the stress and burdens by handling the non-work related tasks that often distracts the employees. If a few simple tasks can be completed by the concierge such as picking up the dry cleaning, the employees would not have to worry about their personal errands anymore. This leaves your employees free to concentrate on their work.


    Offering a concierge service as a benefit to joining your company will work as a good incentive to potential employees and current ones as well. Knowing that the company cares for their work-life balance, it will make employees feel more appreciated at work and are hence more likely to stay on working for the company in the long term.


    Important business tool


    A concierge service is personal and tailored to the needs of both individuals and the company. With their understanding of your company’s needs, they can handle your tasks time and cost-efficiently. A concierge will know exactly the type of venue, restaurant, or any other service you will require and they will be able to plan and book all of that for you. It saves you time on blindly researching the internet and it will save you money due to their connections. A concierge service is better equipped at finding your required service that is best suited to your needs. You can rest assured that you will be in good hands.


    As a result, companies with concierge services can boast of excellent time management skills and a fully optimised use of their resources. Overall, the concierge service is an important business tool.


    The BUTLER concierge service supports clients by attending to every office needs and business request. We are able to manage everything for you! From simple office errands to sourcing the best venue for your event. We even do travel plans and bookings should you need to go on a company retreat, or even plan training sessions to add value to your employees current skill set. With over 2,000 clients and 1 million service sessions, you can trust that BUTLER to provide an exceptional concierge service.


    So if you are ready to take your business to the next level with a concierge service, contact us here now!

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